25 September 2010

Renee Ellmers = f***ing idiot

Renee Ellmers is a GOP candidate running for a Congressional seat in North Carolina. I just watched her get pwned by Anderson Cooper on CNN: she essentially said that all Muslims were terrorists and that the "Ground Zero mosque" was equivalent to al-Qaeda building a victory shrine on hallowed ground. When Cooper retorted with examples from history of religious factions building shrines on conquered territory, Ellmers retreated into some of the most nonsensical, circuitous speak I've ever heard (which means a lot, coming from a guy that went to law school).

This is going to sound harsh, but guess what: she is a dumb, ignorant bitch.

Yeah, I said it. And yeah, I know it's a mean thing to say. I don't care.

She is a woman that has somehow, in her mind, twisted the entire Muslim community (which is several billion-strong on this planet) into a clan of evil: she essentially generalized every Muslim as a radical Muslim and therefore a terrorist. Moments later, of course, when asked if she wanted Muslims' votes, she responded "Well sure, I'd like everyone's votes."

Well, NO SHIT!

I mean, if she's going to be prejudiced, can't she at least be consistent? And to watch her evade Cooper's questions about religious factions in history building shrines on conquered territories, to include Christians (a retort to her argument that the "Ground Zero mosque" is a "victory mosque" for al Qaeda) is nothing short of entertaining: much like watching a small, young child engaged in a debate with Stephen Hawking with regards to the nature of gravity or the Grand Unification Theory of Everything.

I'll tell you what: I have seen and heard some dumb shit during my short three decades of existence on this planet...but damn, this woman managed to surprise me tonight.

She knows absolutely nothing about my city or 9/11 or what is happening in Iraq or Afghanistan. How dare she try to exploit September 11th and this "Ground Zero mosque" hooplah for her own political gain. How dare she. YouTube the interview: it's quite entertaining.


  1. just saw this, too! haha!!
    anderson cooper just made a clown of her.
    what a pathetic {frightening} demonstration of the sort of factory-farmed confirmation bias that perpetuates the hate pandemic.
    way to go, anderson! - for shocking some sense into this situation by being prepared with some intelligent questions - crafted to self-tighten if dodged.
    a painful revelation of just how ill-equipped people like ellmers are to serve in public office.

  2. The prospect of her being able to input or shape policy on behalf of constituents -- real fucking people -- is frightening.